Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God

An honest look at the difficult passages in the Old Testament and how they can help strengthen our faith and understanding of God and how he works in the world. Answers the question: Is God an angry God?

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Read the first chapter of Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God? (PDF Format)

Listen to some short devotionals by Dr. Alden Thompson:

  • Cain and Abel
    What might Cain have done after he murdered Abel?
  • Twins
    Learning from the conflict between Jacob and Esau.
  • Jonathan or David?
    Who is the more popular? Why? What can we learn from this story?

Concerned about God’s Character?

Who’s Afraid addresses how difficult passages in the Old Testament that seem to show us an angry God, can instead show God’s grace.

Can you pray honestly?

Alden Thompson tells how his prayers changed from polite and distant to honest and intimate.

Interested in Messianic prophecies?

One full chapter on the prophecies and how they help us understand how God works in the world.

Read a more complete review.

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